Countdown to the Jamboree!

7 July 2015

The anticipation and excitement is building, with only 15 days until the North of Scotland unit flies out to Japan for the 23rd world Scout Jamboree. Last month the Scottish and Northern Irish contingent (including Scottish IST and CST) had a training camp together at Meggernie National Activity Centre for some final preparations before the Jamboree. It was also a great opportunity for making new friends and catching up with old ones – especially with the ceidlh and disco. As you got on the campsite you could feel a buzz in the atmosphere (other than the midges) with everybody a month away from the adventure of a lifetime, ‘excitement’ was an understatement.

On Saturday everybody visited different sessions and workshops to help us be as ready as possible for the Jamboree. This included discussions about hygiene, different cultures, gift giving and Scottish dancing. Afterwards all the different units got together for ‘unit time’ where they talked about different aspects of the jamboree and other things they could do to prepare. For my unit this included photo albums to show a bit about us and where we lived and preparation for gift giving for Home hospitality. We were all also incredibly grateful to receive Quakes for Home Hospitality donated by the North East Region.

At night all the units got together again for a burns supper – for many of the Northern Irish their first time trying Haggis. Shortly after (and many group photos later) everybody joined together again to put their Scottish dancing skills into practice for a Ceidlh. The Ceidlh was fantastic, with a full marquee of people dancing to a live band. Soon afterwards it turned into a disco until late at night where everybody went to sleep before another day of team building activities and Jamboree prep.

Now with just over two weeks until we fly out I cannot wait for the Jamboree. Almost two years of waiting and preparation has been put into going to this event and the eagerness and complete buzz about going is unreal. It’s set up to be a once in a life time experience and I know I speak on behalf of everybody when I say I can’t wait for it.

Lee Riley
Explorer Scout, Aberdeen District

Here’s a great video of one of the Explorers from Northern Ireland performing a song at Meggernie about his journey to the Jamboree!