Adult Data

The previous system known under different names the MMS or MyBackpack has reached the end of it’s life and was due to be revised. The system was slow, clunky and no longer fit for purpose so this has spurred the Adult side of Compass on for managing mailing, personal details, roles/appointments, the approval process and all the management functions of our leadership across the country and locally.

 What do I need to do now?

Your details should have transferred across to Compass automatically as part of the migration. There was a lot of work undertaken to clean the initial database of adult details and a number of quirks came out of that. This does mean that some information MAY not have moved and needs corrected but with 1,000s of adults across the region the onus has to be on you/leaders to check their own details and the details of those close to them and let Gilwell know of any data issues.

Please log onto the system and register, look around the new system and change personal contact details f wrong Look at leaders you manage but please refrain from making changes to their information.

How can I find out more?

Have a look at our Compass Leaflet, or speak to us here.