It’s Census Time!

9 February 2014

It’s annual census time again and most Groups have entered their figures.  If your Group is still to enter their figures, please do so as soon as possible.  At present, two Districts have entered all their figures and had them approved, well done to Buchan and Shetland, one week ahead of schedule!

It’s a little too early to give any figures for the number of Scouts in the NE but I am hoping that numbers will be up from 2013.  Thanks again to all involved in gathering the data and those entering it onto the census website.

As a reminder, all Groups must send a list of all names and addresses to their District Secretary or District Commissioner and the District must ensure they send a listing of all in their District (Groups and District names and addresses) to the Regional Secretary, Kelly Signorini.  Please ensure this list is sent by post, not e-mail, as sending by e-mail may break Data Protection regulations.