Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG)

9 February 2014

I’m asked regularly questions around PVGs, here’s a few of the regular questions and the answers I give:

My old Disclosure has expired on the membership system, am I still covered by Scouting and can I do a new PVG application?

Scouting is given an allocation of members from Gilwell on who requires to be checked based on the oldest Disclosure Scotland dates.  When your name appears on the list, you should get an e-mail direct from Gilwell stating you need to do a PVG (you may also get an e-mail from the Appointments Secretary or your GSL asking you to complete a PVG Check).  The District Appointments Secretary will also receive a list of all in the District who require checking.  If you get this e-mail, please get in contact with your Appointments Secretary (and your GSL) to let them know if have you been PVG checked for any other organisation.  There are different forms to complete based on whether you are new applicant or an existing PVG member.  From the initial e-mail, you have maximum 10 weeks to complete the application form and have it sent to your Appointments Secretary.  If you have not completed the form within this time, you will be suspended from Scouting until the paperwork is cleared.

If you have not been informed that you need to do a PVG check, you should carry on Scouting.

I’ve got an adult coming along regularly, do they need to complete a PVG check?

Firstly, unlike the rest of the UK, we in Scotland, do not have a role in the system as an ‘Occasional Helper’.  If someone is coming along infrequently (less than once a month) it is illegal to ask them to complete a PVG application for Scouting with the exception of the following: they are going to attend a nights away event or they are going to be supplying Home Hospitality for Scouts, for these two exceptions, PVG membership for Scouting is mandatory.  Good practice for these volunteers who do come along less than once a month is for them to complete a self-declaration form.  Please remember these volunteers should never have unsupervised access to our youth members.

If an adult is coming along regularly to help (once a month or more), they should be encouraged to take up a formal role, Sectional Assistant or Assistant Leader.  If they do not do this, they should be stopped coming along so frequently.  These roles follow the normal appointment process of AA form and PVG application, these should be sent through your GSL to the Appointments Secretary in the District.

If you have any further questions, send them to Dougie on and we can add to this list!