Jamboree Update – Meet the IST!

27 April 2014

At every Jamboree, thousands of adult volunteers form the International Service Team (IST) to make sure the whole event runs smoothly and make the temporary tented village home to the 40000 Scouts for 2 weeks.

We’ve caught up with Sarah & Roy, both Scouts from the region, to find out more about their plans for the Jamboree!



Sarah Mark

1. What made you apply to be IST?

I have always wanted to go back to a Jamboree after attending in 2007 as a participant as I really loved my time and didn’t want to leave. I also know many people who have attended as IST and speaking to them only made me want to apply more, plus Japan is somewhere I have always wanted to go.

2. Have you been to something like the World Jamboree before?

Yes, I attended the Jamboree in the UK in 2007 as a participant, Blair Atholl Jamborette in 2008 as a participant and I am going back to Blair this July as staff.

3. What are you most looking forward to?

Everything to be honest. I know a lot of people attending so I am looking forward to experiencing it with them as well as meeting Scouts from all over the world as that is one of the best parts of camp. The culture is also something that I look forward to as well as the site itself as I have seen some pictures and it looks incredible. I am studying Film making at the University of West Scotland and I am very interested in photography so I am looking forward to taking photographs of the amazing scenery. I might also see if I can film when I’m there. I am also doing a post tour visit to Beijing and I’m looking forward to visiting all the sites there.

4. What is your background in Scouting?

I was a Scout, an Explorer and a Network member. When I was little my mum was a Beaver Leader and I would go along and help out. I then was a Young Leader with a Beaver colony in Aberdeen and then became an Assistant Beaver Leader at the colony my mum used to lead. I have recently completed my Queen’s Scout Award and I am attending the Windsor parade at the end of April to have it presented with some of the leaders who completed it with me. I moved to Glasgow last year and I have joined a Scout Group as an Assistant Scout Leader. My brother is also a Beaver Leader and both my parents were Scout Leaders so I have grown up with Scouting.

5. What will you be doing as IST

I am not too sure what to expect as IST but that is also part of the excitement. I know we will be working with leaders and participants from all over and it’s always a great experience seeing the difference in approach to Scouting. I hope we get to see some of the  Scottish units when we are there as I know a few of the participants who are going and it would be good to see how they are getting on.


Roy Cook

1. What made you apply to be IST?

I attended the last Jamboree in Sweden as a participant and I had an incredible time there.  Being a member of the IST will give a completely different experience and will hopefully give me the chance to allow others to have as good an experience as I did.

2. Have you been to something like the World Jamboree before?

 In 2011 I attended the the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in Sweden as a participant as part of the North of Scotland Unit.  I have also attended smaller international events such as Blair Atholl Jamborette as a participant.

3. What are you most looking forward to?

At a Jamboree a huge diverse range of people are brought together, and as a result it is a fantastic way to meet new people and experience other cultures.  I am also looking forward to finding out more about Japan and Japanese culture, both at the Jamboree, and before and afterwards.

4. What is your background in Scouting?

I progressed through all the scout sections from Beavers to Explorers at my group in Alford.  After moving to Aberdeen for University I have joined the Aberdeen Network and also become an assistant leader at 1st Aberdeen.

5. What will you be doing as IST?

There will be a wide range of roles to be carried out by members of the IST at the Jamboree, ranging from working in a shop on site, to running activities. Whatever job we get allocated, it’s guaranteed to be hard work, especially in the heat and humidity in Japan!

The Jamboree isn’t just for those going to Japan! The UK Contingent will be coming up with a Join-in-Jamboree programme pack so every Beaver, Cub, Scout, Explorer & Networker can have a taste of the Jamboree! Keep an eye on emails from Gilwell & Scouting Magazine for more information!