Project Compass – Some important tasks for managers

27 April 2014

With the upcoming migration over to Compass, District Secretaries and GSLs need to make sure the records for the adults they work with are up to date & some important tasks are completed.

1)    What is the problem?

In Compass a role is only valid if it complies with two requirements a) it is a VALID role and b) it is linked to a VALID entity for that role in the TSA hierarchy.  So for example, the role of Beaver Scout Leader is only valid if it is also linked to a Beaver Scout Section.  If, for example, someone has a role of Beaver Scout Leader (which is valid) but their role is linked to e.g. a Group / District / County only, then the person having that role will not show up in Compass when you look for them, because Group / District / County are NOT valid entities for the role of Beaver Scout Leader to be linked to.


In MMS a member’s locality is not linked to their role but to the member themselves.  So in MMS you can have a person with a Beaver Scout Leader role but their locality details are only completed to County or District or Group level.


The consequence of this difference in how localities are handled between MMS and Compass is that when we migrate adult members to Compass and their roles do not match up with a valid locality for that role then they are invisible in Compass.


2)    What is the solution?

We have to make sure that every adult with an active role has their locality in MMS matching a valid locality for that role. This affects mostly Section Leaders with Section Leader being their only role.  Please note that although it affects mostly Section Leaders it also affects other roles so please look at all adults. So here is what you have to do:


a)      For adults members with only one active role

Go to the Location screen in MMS and complete their locality details (Default Search Location) to the correct level for their role, e.g. if they are a section leader make sure their locality is specified all the way down to the specific section they are a leader in (This assumes you Area / County / Region (Scotland) has cleaned up its hierarchy by then).


b)      For adult members with more than one active role

As a result of a quirk in MMS when you do the above for a member with more than one role it defaults all searches for them to section level – so even if they have another role at Group, District or County level they will not be found in MMS when you search for them at those levels.  So in the case of members with more than one role make sure you pick the locality of their role “highest” in the TSA hierarchy (e.g. District Commissioner is “higher” than Group Scout Leader) and complete the “Default Search Location” for the higher role.  Then use the  “Alternative Search Location” to enter the locality details for their section role.  (All this assumes you Area / County / Region (Scotland) has cleaned up its hierarchy by then).


Making sure that an adult member’s roles are correctly mapped to the appropriate “default Search Location” and “Alternative Search Location” will ensure that when they are migrated to Compass at least one or two of their roles will be correctly mapped and make them visible in Compass.


3)    Who can make these changes in MMS?

Any person with editing rights in MMS  – including the adult member themselves can make the required changes.


4)    By when do these changes have to be completed?

As soon as possible!


If you have any questions, about this please contact Alistair on