PVG Retrospective Checking – Thanks!

27 April 2014

As you all should be aware, Disclosure Scotland have allowed existing Scouting members who have been previously checked by  Disclosure Scotland to join the PVG scheme (I.E. Do a new disclosure).  After a few initial issues, which caused much distress for many, the checking seems to be going much smoother at present and as far as I can gather, we have almost caught up with the backlog.

The checking protocol is still the same: Gilwell should contact all those who are due to be checked and they will also inform the local Appointment Secretary of the requirement.  If you do get informed you are due for checking, please treat this request with some urgency and get the paperwork completed ASAP.

For all who have been involved with this backlog checking, please accept our personal thanks in getting near to the end of the backlog. Special thanks go to all the Appointments Secretaries who have the bulk of the work to do.