Youth Data

From late 2014 all the youth data across all sections is to be recoded on the Scout Associations new Compass database. The new system should allow leaders to operate and maintain all records online with Parents/Guardians able to update emergency and contact details of their own children whilst also seeing progress/badge awards.

Compass Information for Parents/Guardians –  

There is a lot of work needed to get the data into Compass in the relatively short window where batch (whole section) uploads will be possible. Data input will be by three methods – Manually, through the template below or through a process for those using OSM.

Youth Data Template & Instructions – Latest Version Jan 2015 (No need to replace older versions)



Compass Youth Data – Guidance

Compass Youth Data Issues Guidance V04

How to’s Forum and FAQs

Centrally across the UK there is a massive list of FAQs and helpful tips and tutorials which can’t be listed here. For more see the website: